4 Masster Hacks for the Face of Outlets

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4 Masster Hacks for the Face of Outlets

Think Restaurants and you can instantly view an area packed with visitors and stewards running on their toes for providing them an on time service. “Glamorous” and “luxury” work culture as it seems to the outside world, hotel job can be a bit arduous as it demands to be presentable round the clock. Here are some tips on how to maintain your appearance:

  1. Skin- Maintaining a clean face throughout, requires not much efforts, but is the most important of all. Always keep your face hydrated and moisturised. Whether to shave or not depends upon the organization you are working for. If it requires shaving, then, shave both: with and against the grain by gentle strokes; if not necessary, then a sporting hint of stubble is recommended. For our ladies, wear a subtle make up which highlights natural features and masks blemishes in the skin.
  2. Hair- You really don’t want to look shabby when you greet a guest. It creates a wrong impression and also lowers down your confidence. Gel your hair after bathing for a lasting hairstyle. If gel doesn’t suit you, then a little emulsification of hair-oil and water is a get by.
  3. Odour–  Regular and periodic use of perfumes is a must until and unless you want to be smelling of food and smokes, when you approach a guest. There are a variety of perfumes and de-odourisers available to choose from. Try a mild, long lasting fragrance which can work throughout the day, use it after a bath.
  4. Comfort- Undoubtedly you have to work for long hours, so choose what to wear intelligently. Tight and body hugging uniforms could be a trouble during service. Pick up a right fit clothing and shoes. You can also get a extra, padded soul for the inside of your shoe.

 Author: Harsh Bansal

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